(Special issue for Ortiba by Nick Name, The Washington Nerd Review)

Full controversy has exploded at Buenos Aires and boasted the Net, here, and everywhere, trying to aply the progresism concept to ibarrism, telermanism, filmusism, and other curious political lines that asume that condition, as one and only.

In the meanwhile, one of the most big mother fuckers -according to progressist labels- peers to be reaching chair as Mayor of this city, in despite of atonished analists that still think Buenos Aires is the cradle of leftiest and progressiviest ideas and feelings of the country. Is possible -because impossible is nothing as the Filmus & Adidas ad says- that the hole progressist movement will shorten into a simple PRO perspective of politics, society and life.

4 comentarios:

Nicolás Tereschuk (Escriba) dijo...

My god ! Norman for President !

Anónimo dijo...

No entiendo nada Norman, desde allí que no comente nada.

Anónimo dijo...

Impossible is nothing, jajajajajaja
Están en el horno, un abrazo!


Anónimo dijo...

Certainly hi level!!! those mother fuckers actually deserve hell!!!Congratulations! T

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